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Why Boudoir?

Empowering... A beautiful collection of boudoir photographs has the power to transform a woman’s sense of self.

Boudoir photography, to me, has always been about showing something mysterious- showing a side of a woman that we don't normally get to see.  It is not just about taking your picture in your underwear... anyone can do that.  Your boudoir images should show your sensual and sexy side, maybe the part that stays hidden most of the time... let it out, and celebrate the inner YOU!  (See our four packages, below.)


A boudoir session will start with a consultation to discuss location, wardrobe, and your desired theme.  We will also discuss who the images are for (special occasion?), and who will see them.  This is also a good time to express your limitations on clothing and how much you are willing to reveal, or conceal.

Your boudoir photoshoot can take place in your home, a hotel, a studio, or some other location.  It depends on your chosen theme and your budget.

The photoshoot will consist of you, the photographer, a female assistant, and a makeup artist.

Makeup application could take one to two hours, but the results are worth it- you will look and feel like you possibly never have and your pictures will come out amazing!

The photographer and assistant will handle all of your posing- so don't worry if you're not a model!

The photoshoot itself could last one to eight hours, depending on the package you choose (see below), the number of sets we use and how many outfit changes you want to make.  And bring your iPod- we love listening to music while we shoot!

At our in-person meeting, we will go over the images from your photoshoot and you will select the ones you like the best.  We use a top of the line professional lab for creating prints or books that will last a lifetime.


Our boudoir packages consists of the following:

- Bronze - Consultation, hair & makeup, 2 hours of shooting, four outfit changes, 20 finished images in photo book, two 8x10 prints.  $450

- Silver - Consultation, hair & makeup, 3 hours of shooting, six outfit changes, 30 finished images in photo book, three 8x10 prints.  $550

- Gold- Consultation, hair & makeup, 4 hours of shooting, eight outfit changes, 40 finished images in photo book, four 8x10 prints.  $650

- Platinum- Imagine a Victorian dressing room, a gown, and you....  Consultation, hair & makeup, Victorian-era dress rental, 6-8 hours of shooting, custom package of prints and electronic images.  Subject to location availability.  $1450 (with horse-drawn carriage, $2750, subject to availability)  (This package requires approximately 4 weeks of additional planning/lead time.)

Additional Available Products

- Prints (individual, matted, or framed available) - call for quote

- Books- custom printed softcover or hardcover book of your finished images- starting at $50/ea.

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