Still have your camera set to "Auto" or "Program?"  Afraid or confused by those other camera settings?  Don't know aperture from a hole in your lens?  Want to learn about your camera but the manual and online videos aren't doing it for you?

Come see me.

Classes are one-on-one, $60 for a two hour session.  With one-on-one training you can learn all the in's and out's of your camera in a very short period of time.  I teach in a very down-to-earth style- there's no math to learn and nothing complicated.  You purchase only the number of sessions you feel you need.

We can work in a studio, or go on location to take pictures, and you learn by doing rather than reading a book or watching a YouTube video.

I can teach you-
- Your DSLR camera

- composition

- Lightroom & Photoshop software as well as backups and file manipulation

- flash and studio strobes

- working with models

- street photography

- portraiture

- releases, copyright, contracts- and more!

Get in touch with me today and arrange a private class!

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