Personal Branding

Personal branding is the current buzzword for Personal Headshots.  If you're tired of selfies and blurry cellphone photos on your social media, it's best to hire a professional to shoot your headshot!  We know how to pose you so you look your best, take off the 20 pounds the camera adds, and give you an image that is uniquely YOU!

We can also do an "environmental" headshot or portrait- this is a photo with a background that tells your story.  (An example would be a chef with his kitchen as the background.)  These are great if you don't want a plain white background.

Personal Branding sessions start at $125.  Environmental Portraits have a two hour minimum on-site and start at $250.

Your image is everything!  Let us work with you to make it sharp and professional!

Working with Business

In the business world, image is everything!  And Marlo Montanaro Photography is business friendly!  Many artists you meet are difficult to work with in a corporate environment.  Not us!  With over 25 years of experience in the defense and commercial engineering world, no environment is a challenge.  From small offices to construction sites, we'll get strong and dynamic images that will make your business stand out against your competition.

Like any photoshoot, great results begin with a consultation regarding your needs and the team that needs to be in place to achieve the desired results.  We can partner with your marketing and graphic arts staff to get exactly the edge you are looking for while still achieving a Return on Investment (ROI).

Don't have a marketing or graphic arts staff?  We can find them for you too!



After an initial consultation, we can provide a price for the entire job.  However, if you prefer rates, please use the following for labor only...

$125/hour (2 hour minimum)

$400/half-day (4 hours)

$750/day (8 hours)

Overtime/holidays/weekends- flat $200/hour

Products (billed in addition to labor rates, above)

We will work with you to license whatever you need... digital images for web, prints as décor for the office, high resolution files for corporate brochures, annual reports, etc.  We will gladly work with your marketing and/or graphics staff or hired contractors to get exactly what you need.  Individual products are billed and licensed in addition to labor- please ask for a quote.

Total cost = Labor + Product Licensing


Professional corporate headshots are needed for corporate web sites, brochures, annual reports, press releases, and social media.  Please use the following rates for headshots:

1 person - $199

2-5 people - $150 each

6-9 people - $125 each

10 or more people - $99 each

The above rates are per day- so, if we shoot 20 people on Day 1, they are $99 each.  If we shoot an additional 7 people on Day 2, they are $125 each.

For groups of 10 or more, we include a complementary group photo.  For groups less than 10, the group photo is billed at the above rate for the number of people.

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