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Fashion Photography

Why spend tons of money on exotic locales?  So your brand can look like everyone else's?  Use the Jersey Shore!  We have beautiful beaches, great sunny locations, beautiful models, and  very few location fees!   

Whether you are a fashion or bathing suit designer, print catalog, jewelry designer, boutique, or have an on-line store, you need great photography to showcase and sell your products.  In today's fast paced world, you need images that hit home and pull your customer in by being interesting, bold, sharp, and exciting- all the things you want your products to portray.


We get it.  We will consult with you to find out the perfect message you are looking to communicate, work with you to pick out the merchandise you want to showcase, cast the models, get the right hair and makeup artists, and the perfect location.  We handle any permits and all the logistics to shoot at the site.  And if your images call for a more traditional setting, we have several studios available.

If you have a graphics, marketing, or advertising team in place, we will be glad to collaborate with them to get everything just right.

The resulting images will be bold and attention grabbing, just what you need to stand out above your competition and attract the right customer.


It is impossible to quote an exact cost for this type of work since there are so many variables.  Once we have an idea of exactly what you need, we can provide a reasonable quote.  However, some numbers to consider...

- Our photography labor rate is $125/hour with discounts for half and full days.

- Models get approximately $100/hour.

- Hair and makeup artists generally get $100-$150/person.

- Most locations along the Jersey shore require NO permit for commercial photography.  However, the notable exceptions are Asbury Park, Island Beach State Park, and Sandy Hook which have daily fees for commercial shooting.

- Indoor studio is billed at $50-$100/hour, depending on the studio.

-Any purchases or rentals (costumes, props, special photo gear) are passed on to the client.

-We have no travel costs within Monmouth and Ocean Counties of New Jersey.  The current government approved travel rate is charged outside of this area.

Exact costs will vary, but this should give you an idea of what a fashion shoot should cost.

Contact us now to set up a free consultation!

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