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My Fine Art Images

Fine art is an area where photographers get to do what they want, allow their imagination to just "go."  Unrestrained by a client's needs, unbound from an Art Director's iron fist, fine art is where a photographer can let his or her visual soul be free and is an important aspect to every artist's work.

My fine art images are inspired by many things, but the Jersey shore and beautiful women are my main themes.

All of these images are for sale and can be purchased on different mediums (from paper to aluminum) and can be custom printed to suit your needs.  They can be signed or unsigned.  These are high-resolution images and can be printed in very large sizes.  The minimum size we offer is 11x14 inches.

To view the entire collection as well as purchase finished images, check the following web site or contact me directly:

These images are comfortable in many environments, including home, office, and gallery.  The "Legs" images have been part of a photo exhibit called "Hanging in Heaven" that ran in Asbury Park, NJ from October, 2013 to January, 2014.

Future exhibits are currently in the planning stages... stay tuned!

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