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Working with Musicians

You SOUND great! Now you have to LOOK great!  That's why you need professional images with you as the focus, not a photographer who showed up at your gig and shared photos on Facebook!

Musicians are some of the most dynamic people you could meet.  Photoshoots with a band or solo musician can take place anywhere- from a professionally lit stage to an abandoned warehouse.  From setting up a living room on a beach in Winter, to shooting a recording session in the studio, and headbanging at the Starland Ballroom- we can work with you to get just the right lighting, just the right atmosphere, to convey your message and your attitude.

We can do a single image, or work with you and your promotion team to put together a kick-butt ad campaign including images for social media, concert-style posters, album covers, promo cards, etc.

... and we bring our own earplugs... \m/

For the best bang for your buck, consider one of our packages, below!

Promo Package


The Basic Promo Package costs $150 and includes a one hour photoshoot either on-location, in a photo studio (add $75/hr), or on-stage performing (by "on stage" we mean a venue with an actual stage, stage lighting, etc., not a bar).  Photos are provided for promotional purposes for upcoming shows, social media, posters, press releases, etc.


A Full Promo Package costs $275.  It includes a one hour shoot of the whole band (or individual musician) in an on-location setting, plus a shoot of one of your sets during a live performance, on-stage with stage lighting and effects (provided by the band or venue).  We can also shoot the live shots in a recording studio if you're preparing an album.  These two shoots do not have to be on the same day, but do need to be scheduled at the same time.  You'll get photos of you performing live, as well as posed in a setting that conveys your attitude, message, or what your band is about.  Suitable for introducing your band to the world, album covers, inside CD pull-outs, concert promo's, etc.


A "Merch" or "Merchandise" shoot is great if you have T-shirts and other items for sale on your web site.  We hire the models, book the studio, and do a complete catalog shoot of the clothing.  We also do product shots of non-clothing items.   The cost for this is dependent on what and how many items you are offering for sale.  Contact us for a quote. 


In all cases, electronic images are provided.  High resolution (large) files are provided for album covers/liners, promotional materials, and other graphics needs.  Lower resolution files are provided for social media and sharing directly with your fanbase.

We will gladly work with your graphics artist on creating amazing imagery for your band.

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